even if
you have already paid a sleazy expert a zillion dollars and still dwell at the bottom of the search results

even if
you have tried and have seen no results

even if
you favour binge-watching Netflix over keyword research (don’t we all)

even if
you are not technical or internet savvy

even if
SEO scares you shi(r)tless

93% of all online experiences
start with a search engine

Why is your website not up there yet?

6 compelling reasons to trust me
when I tell you about SEO

  1. I am Marjan Crabtree, and I am an Internet Addict….it’s true.
    My first hot pink website saw the light in 1995 and I have been on the internet ever since.
  2. I am Dutch so direct and brutally honest.
  3. I am a proper Geek with a Computer Science degree to boot. I have worked in IT for different companies and organisations all over the world. A client once called me an IT Guru…(cross my heart).
  4. I am allergic to Guru BS apart from when I am called the Guru 😉 (see above) because I don’t do BS and fluff. I tell it like it is and don’t make things more beautiful than they are.
  5. I translate Tech speak to every day language. No Double Dutch – pardon the pun, just easy to understand language. I have a highly esteemed translation qualification so I am not just computer geekiness/cheekiness, dude!
  6. I have never paid a sleazy SEO specialist $$. I figured it all out by myself since it is mostly common sense which I want to share with you.

I think I know my stuff…here is what others say

I liked your clear way of communication

I did follow you not as much as I though I would so far, apologies for that. But my attitude is to achieve the best possible and I like your enthusiastic and positive manner,
It was an impulsive buy but still think I can learn a lot from it and will grow through this and other information to a SEO specialist finally maybe 😉

Several tips were used and interesting.

The ways it is made easily understood in own words and understanding and to take action accordingly.

This program is different to anything else in the market because it is understandable and easy to translate to my own situation.

I would recommend this if somebody asks for advice.

Majoor Bussum

May 2017

Fulco Wolf

Marjan appealed to me with her funny language

Every year I do an SEO round for my sites. Marjan appealed to me with her funny language. And she clearly knew what she was talking about. I can do the course at my own pace and Marjan is always there with advice and support.

Because of Marjan I now know what referer spam is and how to get rid of it.

This program is different from anything out there because it is personal and funny.

I will absolutely recommend this program to others.

May 2017

Felice Veenman

I love the way you make the SEO so simple and the way you explain it.


no nonsense and practical

Marjan takes you through the SEO of your website in a fast pace. I really like her presentation style: no nonsense and practical. The contents are immediately applicable and it is full of handy tips. I am busy building my website and will apply the tools for sure.

Marie Pastoor

Thank you for the SEO Starterkit. As an SEO coach, I was curious. Good points!

Monique van Dam

You know how to present it to a dummy like me.

You know how to present it to a dummy like me. The personal video’s I find very sympathetic. You come across sincere and trustworthy and know how to put yourself out there as an expert who I would accept anything from.

Violette van den Bosch

Thanks for the clear and useful explanation and movies

Yes, instead of being put away on page whatever, my site is now in the fifth spot on the first page in Google! Thanks for the clear and useful explanation and movies, Marjan!

Studio Fraai

We’ve been diving into your course and we’re getting so much out of it. Thank-you!

Leah & Daniel

You are the difference 🙂

Regarding the SEO Boost Hacks, I have to admit: I still have a few to go through, but I have done the ones I thought were touching the topics I had a hard time with. I was overall very happy with the lessons learned from you. They saved me a bunch of time having to sort it out myself the hard way.

SEO BOOST HACKS came along at the just right time for me, I had seen you & how you explain things in a webinar before so I was confident that it would be understandable, practical and helpful. And I was right.

Overall I got a better understanding of how SEO works. I now know which buttons I have to push, I can check what influences the behaviour of which visitors. It all has become way more transparent.

You came along at the right time and I knew I likes your style. So maybe the answer is: you are the difference 🙂

Helen Klappe

Why I purchased..

I purchased because I believe you offer a great product that can help me with my two websites that I want to increase traffic and business to.

Radha Mulder

You were such a big part in my development

I feel the need to give you an update because you were such a big part in my (mainly) technical development. Marga (business partner) is quite often amazed by that. With your help, I learnt so much so I easily build and maintain my website and my sales page now. We are ready to launch!
Once again, thank you so much for your help.

Love, Delia


A stampede of eager shoppers,
waiting for the doors to open on the morning of
Macy’s semi-annual sale.

Imagine this….

Your website gets bombarded with new visitors, again and again.
You are not online.
You are enjoying your second double shot Moccha with cream at Starbucks with your friend.

The days of desperately trying to pitch in countless promotional Facebook groups are over.
You do not have to go out to find them, they come to you.

And all this because the myths surrounded SEO have been lifted.
Your blinders have been taken off.

You are in control of your website, your business and your life!

How to get there?



3 Keyword Research Secrets

that take the tricky out of SEO so that you know for sure what your potential clients search for.

Bite-sized morsels of knowledge

so that you can spend time serving all those new visitors instead of regurgitating video’s again and again.

31 HACKS and counting...

an ever growing collection of Hacks
so that you can come back again and again.

No Nonsense Actionable Steps

that take the secrecy out of SEO so that you don’t need expensive specialists to do the work for you.

Secure Members Area

packed with video, text ,tips and tricks so that you can absorb, apply and do it all over again.

Plenty of AHA moments

Lightbulb moments…just like that, huh?
So that SEO enlightenment is just around the corner.

Feast your eyes on the SEO BOOST HACK BONUS

designed to get you up and running faster.
If you are one the first 100 lucky ones you will get the Technical Tactics module.

Afraid that the Tech stuff would knock you down doing SEO?
Not with the Technical Tactics:  Explainer videos and tricks galore….

Why You Must Do THIS Now*

*only for online entrepeneurs who hate Tech but love making money.
At the end of this course that kid who laughs at your tech skills will be in shock:

“How did you do that?? You don’t even know what SEO stands for and you’re getting more search traffic than I am!”

SEO BOOST HACKS is available for this stupidly low introductory price right now. This price won’t last! The next round the price will DOUBLE!

The best moment to start with SEO was a year ago.
The next best moment is now so that you can finally start earning money through your website.

Want to pull this deal from my grubby hands?

You’d better be quick!

  • Where applicable GST/VAT/BTW/sales tax will be added.


SEO is boring!

It surely can be. I can show you it’s not and that it is a fun game.


What if after this my site still doesn't show on the first page of Google?

Since I don't like BS and fluff, I won't sweet talk you into this.
SEO only works if YOU put the work in. I can tell you all the secrets and tips and keys etc...if you don't do anything, it won't happen.



Will it work for my site? It is different because I am selling laptops in the Sahara Desert, selling Poodle nail polish, Tantra for Turtles or - fill in your niche -

SEO is SEO, regardless of your site, clients, niche and product.



I am not technical or internet savvy. Can I do this?

YES, you can!
The way I set it up it might as well be called SEO for Dummies (does that exist)?
I take you by the hand and lead you through the SEO jungle which at the end looks like a walk through the park to you.



I don't have a website yet. Will it be useful?

Sure, it will save you a lot of time. You can apply the techniques from scratch!



I already have a website. Will it be useful?

Sure, with an existing website you can measure the difference. That's great for people who like to track and measure.



Is this it? Will there be additional costs on top? SEO is expensive, right?

No, there will not be any additional costs.



How long do I have access to SEO BOOST HACKS?

You have instant access and lifetime access (well, for as long as I am alive and in business etc. etc.). You will also get access to new versions.



Can you help me if I don't understand it?


Sure, just make sure you get one of those spots in SEO BOOST HACKS PLUS!

  • Where applicable GST/VAT/BTW/sales tax will be added.

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